Journeyman Position

Spivey Home Company, LLC (SHC) is a licensed and in-good-standing LLC and General Contractor in the state of Washington. SHC buys, renovates, and sells homes; builds new homes; renovates multi-family properties to maintain as rentals for Kevin and Candice Spivey; and performs public construction work as desired. SHC also wholesales real estate and stages homes for Spivey Realty Group, LLC and does property maintenance for Rentals by Spivey clients. 

In support of the above operations, SHC offers the Journeyman position to FIRST LAST. Compensation shall be $/hour, paid biweekly, and begins START DATE. Workdays are Monday-Thursday with the expectation to work 4 10-hour days for a total of 40 hours of work/week. During darker months, to be determined by SHC, shifts may change to 5 8-hour days. There will be an opportunity for overtime work, at the discretion of SHC, on Fridays and weekends, as well as bonuses based on successful completion of projects and the profitability of the company. SHC is not required or committed to offer bonuses and those are solely based on SHC’s discretion. 

The days and hours worked are not guaranteed and may vary based on the needs of the job. Reliability – showing up on time, adding value, and communicating clearly with the team lead are a requirement. Willingness to learn new skills and refine skills already possessed. Ability to be the Team Lead’s right-hand man/woman in a dynamic work environment and maintaining excellent workmanship and adhering to planned project timelines is necessary.  

The Journeyman position shall include certain paid holidays, specifically New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, should they fall on a normally scheduled day of work. If the holiday falls on Friday-Sunday, the position will not be paid for the holiday. The Journeyman position shall also accrue 1 hour of sick leave per 40 hours worked. There is no other vacation pay or leave. 

The duties and requirements of the Journeyman position include, but are not limited to:  

1) Assisting with all SHC activities as assigned, including staging, rental maintenance, property renovations, and repairs related to Spivey Realty Group transactions. 

2) Working 40 hours/week minimum toward SHC projects and flexing to other tasks, as assigned by SHC. Being knowledgeable of construction and willing to learn but without requirement, most of the time, to lead others. 

3) Possessing a tool bag with all daily tools required, to include hammer, tape measure, drill with bits, square, pencils, hole saw, pliers, and any other tools deemed necessary to perform daily residential construction.  

4) Prioritize jobsite safety above all else. Following all recommended guidelines relating to ladder, masks, respirators, helmets, glove use, etc. 

The Journeyman position begins on a 30-day probationary period, during which the position may be terminated for any reason, beginning on START DATE and ending 30 DAYS LATER. The compensation package and duties assigned shall be reviewed by SHC and FIRST LAST at a 90-day meeting and every December (or thereabout) thereafter. 

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